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We should all help with what we can in order to make nature around us look better. This is why for the past 28 years, New View Tree Removal LLC has provided the community in North Franklin CT and all of its surrounding areas with impeccable tree service. You should be proud of your home’s yard and lawn, so we make sure to provide every customer with individualized services that will meet their requests. Our team of qualified arborists has many years of experience, and knows how to handle any situation. They are dedicated to keeping trees healthy, and do everything they can to maintain their well being. As a tree contractor, we understand what is best for plants, and carry the skills and techniques to keep them in good shape. Reach us at (860) 377-6325.


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One service that New View Tree Removal LLC offers is tree removal. This is an extremely dangerous procedure that requires the attention of professionals, so don’t undertake it up on your own. In addition, don’t hire anyone with no previous experience, as they may hurt themselves, and also cause damage to your property. The tree removal process begins with a valid assessment of your location, followed by a guideline that will determine each step of the procedure. Removing a tree is usually done when it is dead, the homeowners need space for a building project or home expansion. Before the tree contractor begins to cut down the tree, he has to come up with its clear path, and clear area.

tree trimmingThe clear path of a tree is the direction in which it will fall when it is cut. If a tree is already leaning one way, and it is possible, this should also be the direction of its clear path. The clear area is the exact spot where its crown will land. This area should be cleared out in order to prevent any hazards. As the two most important factors in cutting down a tree, the clear path and clear area need to be determined ahead of time.

Tree trimming is another service that New View Tree Removal LLC offers. In addition to pruning, this tree service is used to shape the crown of a tree, and remove deadwood. It is also used to cut down heavy branches that may damage surroundings in storms and bad weather. Trimming can be very beneficial for fruit trees, as it is healing, and helps expand their lifetime.

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Stump GrindingIf you have stumps in your back yard or lawn, it is best you remove them. Stump grinding is the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of them, with little or no damage to the surrounding area. Stump grinders come in various sizes, from the size of a lawn mower to as big as a truck. They accomplish the task of stump grinding by chopping down the roots and stump of a tree into very small pieces. Every homeowner should be aware that stumps can decrease the value of a home. It is much better if they are removed right away, after the tree has been cut, as they may grow suckers and shoots in time.

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